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3 Quai De Rive Neuve, 13001

Marseille, France

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Filled savory waffles, with tasty and original recipes

Liege Waffle

Belgian waffles with sugar pearls, crunchy and delicious. Customizable according to your wishes.


Sweet filled, fluffy and delicious waffles


Hot, cold, iced, Crazy... Perfect to complete your waffles

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Discover delicious, easy-to-make waffle recipes!

The waffle is an essential and much-loved pastry. This culinary preparation is very popular in many parts of the world, although it can vary considerably in shape, texture and accompaniments depending on the region and local culinary tradition.

Salted Waffles : A Delicious Culinary Trend

Waffles, those sweet delicacies often associated with breakfast or brunch, have long been a source of pleasure for the taste buds. However, an emerging culinary trend has taken kitchens around the world by storm: savory waffles. These tasty creations bring a new dimension to a beloved classic

March 25 is our favorite day ! It's Waffle day !

Waffles are life. No one can resist a good waffle, sweet or savory. Halfway between French toast and a giant cookie, this pastry is a staple of European cuisine, particularly in Belgium and France.

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Discover our professions and our job offers in restaurants: manager, assistant manager or team member, and at Waffle Factory's Headquarter: communication officer, regional manager, etc. Join a network and a professional structure offering opportunities for: careers, training, mobility throughout France and Belgium, full-time or part-time.

Our reviews

Tuğçe Narin

We ate a waffle that was extremely different from the concept of waffle in Turkey. There are 2 types of waffles, we tried both of them and they were both very good. There wasn't much service, you do everything yourself, they only make waffles. The venue was large and beautiful, seating was adequate and clean.

Lara Teixeira de Garcin Bianca Rosaline

Super friendly service, there is a wide variety of menus, I recommend!

Léana D

Welcoming staff Convenient location


Very nice discovery! I enjoyed my menu: waffle (Nutella and white chocolate) and Nutella shake. I would happily go back!

Kev Moe

Best Waffle, Nutella and whip cream ever!!

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Qui a dit que le bonheur ne pouvait pas être emporté ? 😉
Un vendredi sans gaufres, c'est comme un ciel sans soleil ! Alors n’attendez plus et venez vous régaler avec nous ! ☀️ ☀️
Découvrez notre délicieuse Waffine Cookie ! 🍪 Une fusion gourmande entre une gaufre croustillante et le plaisir réconfortant d'une pâte à cookie fondante ! 😋 ❤️‍🔥
Joyeuse journée internationale des frères et sœurs ! Au programme : frangins, frangines, gaufres... et beaucoup de rires ! 🤭🥳
Quoi de mieux qu'un mardi rempli de gaufres chez Waffle Factory ? 😋
Commencez votre semaine avec une explosion de saveurs printanières ! 🌸 🌼 Nos waffles n’attendent plus que vous !
Choisissez Waffle Factory pour un apéro ce weekentttt (comme on dit en Belgique) ! P.S. Les vrais amis partagent leurs gaufres ! 😋🌷
Amis + Gaufres = Bonheur absolu ! 🥳
Notre Indyvégé, notre nouvelle recette végé ! C’est une explosion de saveurs, juste du bonheur dans chaque bouchée ! 😋🌱
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